Accounts Payable


Persist Oil and Gas Inc. has implemented an electronic invoicing solution to improve operational efficiency. Persist’s E-invoicing is an innovative approach to improving our business processes. 

As a Persist supplier, you can expect the following benefits:  

  • Reduction or elimination of paper invoices
  • Notifications during the approval procurement process
  • Increased invoice accuracy minimizing disputes and rejections
  • Ability to view invoice status
  • Reduced payment cycle time (vendors not adopting will experience delayed payments due to longer processing times)
  • Enhanced functionality associated with searching, archiving and storing invoices
  • The most beneficial part to your company is it’s FREE

Invoice Requirements

The following information is required when invoicing Persist:

  • UWI code (provided on the field ticket by the authorized Persist representative ordering the work);
  • AFE number or Cost Center. Any questions, contact:
  • General ledger account coding (i.e. 9910.123)
  • First and last name of Persist recipient
  • Back up attachments – including Invoice Document with all Field Tickets, as a PDF file.
    • Back up attachments must be signed by an authorized Persist representative. 

Pandell Jobutrax

Persist Oil and Gas Inc. requires all suppliers to register and connect with Pandell Jobutrax. Please do not submit both manual and electronic copies of invoices.